Before I dive into last night's House of the Dragon episode, here is a shameless plug to watch our instant reaction to the chaos that had just unfolded with special guest Connor Griffin of House Mostly Sports who gave his thoughts from the perspective of a Team Green fan. You can also watch/listen on all your favorite video or podcasting sites for a breakdown that included what I think was the first ever Triple Point in Barstool Media history.

You know a take is good when the entire panel points. Shout out to the mystery man behind that dragon mask for being so knowledgable about Thrones and not a braindead moron who constantly mixes up names!

Okay, enough lame self-promotion. Here are some random thoughts from last night's absolute dracarys fire flames episode:

- I don't want to say that House of the Dragon needed to bring the ruckus last night in order to keep the audience engaged since I do think the show has had some really good moments along with the requisite Westeros politicking that helped put Thrones on the throne of pop culture. But I could sense a lot of people (myself included) were getting restless about the lack of dragons in a show called House of the Dragon.

I think it's safe to say our appetite for blood, fire, and destruction was quenched!


I think it's also safe to say that the audiences loved it!

Holy shit Thrones was an absolute beast when the engine was revving. Look how many episodes were legitimate BANGERS. There's a reason why the names Benioff & Weiss are curse words in the houses of Thrones fans.

That being said, as much as I love the thought of watching dragons fight, I hate actually watching them fight because I love all of them. It's like watching two dogs starting to fight on the street. I just want everyone to go their separate ways and be happy instead of watching shit like this.

- Despite her untimely ending, last night's MVP was clearly Rhaenys Targaryen for being the literal definition of a ride or die chick that kept going at the biggest dragon in all the land despite being a roughly +1800 underdog with a dragon clearly looking to just cash a check at the end of its career like an aging vet being paid by the Knicks in the mid-2000s.


Nick Laham. Getty Images.

So shout out to Rhaenys for being an awesome character since Day 1 despite having every reason to be upset that she was passed over for the throne, showed a grace to her husband's bastard that Cat Stark couldn't dream of, and continuing to fight the good fight no matter how much the odds were stacked against her like Han Solo. If I had just watched King Aegon fall from the sky on Sunfyre after killing a bunch of enemy soldiers, I would've hightailed it back to Dragonstone and done my best George W. Bush performance.

A quick reminder for just how outdragonned Rhaenys was against Vhagar with Meleys (RIP In Peace).


In related news, there are reports coming in that Robbie's beloved Moondancer may be reclassified as a Komodo Dragon kinda like how Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. Maybe Team Black can raise money for their war by putting Moondancer at a petting zoo where they charge $5 for kids to boop it on the nose.

- I don't want to make it seem like I'm picking on Robbie right now either, because my guy Daemon can't buy a bucket right now as he voluntarily drinks witch's brews and sleeps more than a Barstool blogger.

- One thing we can all agree on is that Vhagar being a girl was an absolute curveball on the level of Bluey being a girl and Tweety Bird being a boy.

- I may think Alicent is a greedy bitch whose actions are about to cause the loss of countless lives. But she was cooking like Balerion when she let Aegon know just how much of his crown was because of his mom and grandpa.


Is it too early to wonder if Aegon is a System King? Because while he seems like a good dude that takes care of his friends, he sure as shit isn't a great ruler and his battle instincts remind me of a warrior that you never want to be compared to.

- I'm also not going to give Alicent too much credit since she left her Plan B Tea out for all to see, including that diabolical Clubfoot, who you knowwwwww is going to bring that shit up at the most opportune time.

God I love that creepy fuck.

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