Potential Girlfriend Of The Year Candidate, Livvy Dunne, Surprised Paul Skenes With Pizza And Champagne For Making The All-Star Game

So Paul Skenes officially became not just the first rookie Pirates pitcher to ever make an All-Star Game, he also became the first 1st overall pick to make the All-Star Game the very next season. And with very good reason. His stats so far in only 10 games started are absolutely unreal:

- 78 strikeouts

- 5 wins

- 0 losses

- 2.12 ERA

- 1.01 WHIP

- 2.6 WAR

Give the man the Rookie of the Year Award right now. But since we can't legally do that just yet, I guess we'll have to settle for giving him pizza and champagne, courtesy of his girlfriend Livvy Dunne's balloon celebration she gave him.

This guy really has it all. A 100+ MPH fast ball. A 94 MPH sinker. A slider that can't be touched. And a hot ass girlfriend that realizes all a guy needs is pizza and alcohol to have a celebration. Good job Livvy Dunne….and even better job by Paul Skenes.

Just in case any of you forgot who Livvy Dunne is, here are some pictures FOR REFERENCE: