Biggest Hardo of The Year? Old Man Snaps A Kid's Fishing Pole Over His Knee Like Bo Jackson Because He Was Fishing In A Community Pond

Our editors send us reminders every now and then about angles to blog. To not just regurgitate a story, but to have a take on it, and to try and take an angle people wouldn't see coming. 

I really wanted to blog this defending this guy and telling this little kid to kick rocks, calling him a punk for infringing on private property but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 

Because this guy sucks. 

Imagine getting this worked up over a couple kids being outside in the great outdoors fishing? Imagine getting in a little ginger kids face like this, sneering, and making a fist like you're gonna hit them?

Crying out loud buddy. Go beat your own kids or kick the family dog or something. Let these kids be. Even if this is technically against the law, who are these kids hurting? Only H.O.A. psychos would lose their shit over stuff like people actually using the facilities of the community. They weren't bothering anybody, and at least they were outside and not in the house glued to computer screens or on their phones. 

Credit where it's due though. Haven't seen somebody splinter something over their knee like that since Bo Jackson. 

p.s. - is there anything worse in the world than H.O.A. board members? Those people are a different breed, and all the same.