The New AAC Commissioner Says They Might Institute An NIL Compensation Salary Cap To Create Balance In The Conference

Look I'm not going to beat around the bush here: this is a flat out stupid idea from the new American Athletic Conference commissioner, Tim Pernetti. Adam Smith once said that as long as a man does not violate the laws of justice, he is free to pursue his own interest in his own way. In what fucking world would a conference commissioner want to limit their own schools?

Now, would I support full-scale changes to the NIL system as a whole? 100% I would, it's become the Wild Wild West out there and the intent of the plan has completely been missed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire idea of NIL was to allow players to make money off their Name, Image, and Likeness. Let the players whose jerseys are sold at the team shop eat some of that pie. A great idea. But now it's turned into collectives giving legitimate bags to 18 year old kids that have never even played a down of college football. Flying kids out on private jets that have 0 career snaps, paying kids millions of dollars to come to their school for free, and tossing out 60,000 sports cars and trucks to kids that just got their license no less than two years ago. Something needs to be changed for the entire college football landscape.....

......but it should not start solely in the AAC. 

By creating a salary cap of NIL money for conference schools in order to create balance within the league, all it will do is make the AAC teams even more inferior than the rest of the conferences they are competing with. If Tulane and Memphis and USF can get big time donors to give their money to the football team to bring in top players, it will HELP the conference, not hurt it. How could the new commissioner not see this.....?

My prediction is that if this gets discussed any further, you'll see schools start looking elsewhere. This is such a loser, everyone is equal mentality that anyone worth a damn is going to explore other options for growth, instead of agreeing to fairness at the bottom of the barrel. I already think we're about to see some teams potentially move to the ACC sooner rather than later due to the growth opportunities alone, but the idea that teams would stay and be capped is crazy to me.

I mean, On3 might not think so......

.....but USF has the best QB in the entire state.

You think this dude stuck around at USF for free this year? No, he stuck around because Alex Golesh is the best young coach in America….and he got a bag from the South Florida donors that are helping with official visits, the new stadium, and making the program into a P4 school. And it'll take another bag to keep him from the LSU and Bamas of the world next season, too. If the AAC even allows them to give him one….