This Connor Fields Goal Is The Definition Of Pure Filthery

I mean...what the actual freaking heck?

Here's everyone just trying to have a nice little Saturday. Boys are out there having a good time, playing a friendly match of the ol' stick and ball sport. And then here comes Connor Fields to ruin everybody's good family fun with one of the most preposterously filthy goals these eyes ever did see. 

Nothing about what we just witnessed there should be possible. When the sport of lacrosse was invented (oldest sport in North America, by the way), a goal like that being scored wasn't even a conceivable idea. Like when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, I doubt he ever considered a world where people would one day use their phone to look at porn on the internet while they're sitting on the toilet taking a shit. When lacrosse was invented, nobody ever considered a world where someone in this position could end up scoring a ridiculously crispy snipe in the top corner. 

But that's just what Connor Fields does. He's done it before, he'll do it again. He's a sick bastard who plays the game with reckless abandon. The way it's supposed to be played. Nasty work.