Congrats To Dan Blizerian For Lasting A Whole TWO Hands In This Year's WSOP Main Event

PokerNews - Say what you want about Dan Bilzerian, the man doesn't last long. The controversial social media influencer and poker player sat down today in the 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, but he was out of the $10,000 buy-in tournament in just two hands. In Bilzerian's first hand, he called a three-bet from Derek Reid and triple-barreled into the Scottish player who check-called on all three streets with pocket aces. "I had aces and I just didn't think he had it, so I called. He was bluffing with ten-eight," Reid mentioned. Canada's Jonathan Dwek then recalled the final hand where he eliminated Bilzerian. "I raised with ace-jack, the button called, and he [Bilzerian] shoved all in for around 4,000 with queen-five from the big blind. I called and hit a flush," said Dwek.

Well that's certainly one way to spend $10,000 in 3 minutes. Open the day with 10 8o and finishing it with a cool Q5o on the very next hand. Impressive. Actually, the most shocking thing about all of this is a 8 or a 9 didn't pop out on the river to give Blizerian the pot bc God loves to do wacky stuff like that to his peasants, but good for the idiot gentleman from Northern Europe to double up on hand 1. As for Blizerian, I don't care how rich you are...why? If you don't/can't/won't grind it out, there's zero point in playing the Main. This is exactly the reason why there's no way Dave Portnoy should never play in the WSOP Main Event. Day 1 lasts 10 hours...then there's at least 10 days more. The patience sometimes is more important than the actual play.

Zillionaire/Pretend Zillionaire or not, busting out of the WSOP Main Event is an awful, down bad feeling. In 2019 we lasted a good 40 minutes on the 4th of July and promptly wanted to walk away from the table and straight to a hole in the desert. 

Such is life. Now, the real heroes are playing today in the WSOP Main Event for Day 1D. And by heroes, I only mean the one true Lord and Savior of poker, college baseball, Brick Watch Co. Barstool as a entity, and quite possible humanity, Benjamin Mintz. Bringing that bracket to the people, fellas!

See ya there. Maybe. We're 0-7 int the Main Event, but General Spank might have one left in the tank…