Take Your Dog On A Roadtrip

Well, these past 2 weeks have been adventure-packed exploration of a ton of national parks, after leaving Vegas and traveling up to Salt Lake City Via the arches at Zion, Bryce, and the Booneville Salt flats. I don't know exactly what I was looking for but the landscapes I encountered sure gave me tons of perspective. 

The thing is tons of natural parks are really not that dog-friendly. I think the angle that some if the trails allowed dogs the dogs would venture very far off, try to attack local wildlife and tarnish the surroundings. 

Nevertheless, the salt flats were probably the best spot for the dog. After a long time in the car and throwing on some socks and rubberbands for the dog's feet, Whitey was just hitting land speed records for dogs over the flats. Btw the socks on the dog are an important element, make sure they don't get salt poisoning from licking the residue off their feet, and prevent general irritation. 


Zion National Park's Pa'rus trail was most likely the best dog trail out of all the national parks. It was perfect for allowing easy water access in the heat for the dog. Crazy spot that had a ton of Colorado river toad tadpoles. The type you can trip on. No comment on whether toad poison was harvested. The reality is I was avoiding the toads before dog+toad poison doesn't ever end well. I am now heading back east to collect some very interesting interviews that will be coming up on Audiocraic soon. Check it out now.