A Nashville Woman Was Caught Transporting Thousands Of Dollars Of Big Boy Drugs Wrapped Up And Disguised As Taco Bell Burritos

So the way this story goes is that a 37-year-old Nashville woman, who was wanted in three counties for various bad girl activities, got pulled over in Tennessee for driving with a suspended license. Upon search of the car, the police found that she had just picked up quite the large order of Taco Bell. Now I don't have the exact details of this next part of the story, but I'm assuming that the police didn't want the burritos to go to waste, seeing as the lady was probably headed to jail, so they decided to treat themselves to some rather large Cheesy Double Beef Burritos. And upon unwrapping the finely fastened Taco Bell foil and tortillas, it was not the Beefy 5-Layer Burritos at all. It was a sizable amount of meth, LSD, THC and fentanyl-laced gummies, pills and marijuana....

Sheeesh! That's no slouch of a lineup for drugs. But also, what the fuck kind of operation is this? So many questions come from this story, which we will get to in a second. But the first thing that pops into my mind is what my great-great-grandfather taught my great-grandpa, who taught my grandpa, who taught my dad, who taught me: Never commit a misdeameanor while committing a felony.

Why the fuck would you transport all these drugs when you have a suspended license? Folks, if I've said it once I've said it a hundred thousand times, only break one law at a time. One crime at a time, if you will. The idea that this lady would take all the time in the world to go to Taco Bell, get these tortillas and foils (did she work there?), finely wrap up the drugs inside the tortillas to look like burritos, stuff them into Taco Bell bags, and then transport them…..only to get pulled over for a suspended license is quite honestly the wildest thing I've ever read. She should go to prison for 25+ years, not for the drugs but for being stupid.  

And that brings me to my next question: why need to hide the drugs anyway? I've never really understood that part of the drug trade. I mean, I get it if you're making a run for the border (maybe that's why she used Taco Bell) and you're going to get searched, but I think a normal, fully-up-to-date licensed driver could literally take a duffle bag from one spot to another in this country via car if they wanted to. Seems like whoever needed these drugs transported could've got any old 40 year old mom in their minivan that simply obeys traffic laws to haul these from place to place instead of this woman who literally had a permanent arrow above her car saying I'm breaking the law.

Okay, final question, and this one is just for gaining personal knowledge, but isn't one of those drugs a little more lethal than the rest? Correct me if I'm wrong in the comment section but isn't fentanyl what kills people? Why would you have fentanyl laced gummies? Like, do your meth and LSD if you wish, but what is the purpose of lacing gummies with something that I was under the impression was BAD NEWS.