Tom Brady Gets Picked Off By Damar Hamlin Before Rubin's White Party

So the White Party may not be the dark twisted Illuminati meet-up many think it to be. Surely beach football isn't played before one of those. It is simply the equivalent of the rich nerd in high school who uses his house to invite kids over to get popular. No serious look. 

Classic "I'm cool look at the guys I hang with." 

But also, I know it is BEFORE the party but why is Damar not in White?

Like was he not invited and gained access through the beach? because that is technically legal if he is under the tide line. Because that isn't private property. Legit he probably ran under the tidal line to hang out with dudes who invited him. 

Also Tom Brady I feel like threw Damar a bone. Make a Wish style. A late front-side throw to get picked like that is not like the GOAT. 

Adin Ross was invited. This party seems like America's whose who party. 

Tbh it's probably not even fun like no one was playing pong or die.