80-Year Old Danny Trejo Throws A Haymaker At Douche Bag Who Allegedly Threw Water Balloon At Him During July 4th Parade

It's amazing that fights of this nature don't break out at parades on a more consistent basis. The mere thought of being at a parade right now makes me want to square up with my fiancée. Just think about what a parade, especially a July 4th parade entails. It's 90+ degrees outside. You're standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers on a hot sidewalk as the sun beats down on your neck. All to watch some local organizations drive by in their paper mache floats and throw hard candy at you. Maybe you get to see your little cousins boy scout troop. Then for the grand finale you get the see the mayor drive by in a rented convertible. That's about it. Just 4 hours of that.

Honestly why do we keep having parades? I'm confident that 90% of people both in attendance and in the parade itself don't want to be there. You think your little cousin really wants to put on his stupid knot tying outfit and walk 2 miles carrying a 'Boy Scouts of America Troop 113' banner? Not a chance. Why do we keep falling for this? Are parades just so engrained in our culture that we feel the need to periodically shut down the most important streets in our respective cities in order to have them? Are we consistently fooled by the word, "parade". A "parade" sounds like it should be a blast. "Oh look there's a parade next weekend that should be fun!"

But once you get there you remember what a parade actually is. About 15 minutes in your check you phone and ask, "How long does this thing last?". Someone says, "For the next 14 hours." and all you can do is sit there miserable, gradually getting angrier and angrier that you agreed to waste your whole Saturday at this stupid fucking event. So naturally, when someone walks by with a wagon full of water balloons and hands you one, you're going to throw the damn thing at Danny Trejo to blow off steam. Then Danny Trejo, who also does not want to be there whatsoever, gets out of his Cadillac and throws a haymaker at your head

It was however a very coward move to wait until Danny Trejo was 80 years old to throw a water balloon at him. Danny Trejo has a top 10, maybe top 5, maybe top 1 face that you don't want to fuck with. Even 20 years ago I imagine Danny Trejo would have sliced him up without a second thought. I honestly don't know much about the guy, but I do know he was in and out of jails a years of his life. Wikipedia also says he started smoking weed by age 8, and was using heroin by 12. If he throws that water balloon at a 20 year old Danny Trejo, he might not live to tell the tale. But this coward threw a water balloon at "Brandon Wardell Dicks Out For Harambe Danny Trejo"... 

Good to see Danny Trejo still has some fight left in him. But bad on Trejo's people for not taking care of the situation for him. You can't let your rich 80-year old friend get into a fist fight at a LA parade. He's still got a few million dollars worth of acting work in him if he puts his mind to it. You gotta protect that guy.