"Have a Nice Flight Home" - Taylor Fritz Had Some Spicy Words For French Rival Arthur Rinderknech While Shaking Hands At The Net As Their Year-Long Grudge Match Continues

Had a little tennis drama across the pond Thursday over at Wimbledon. American Taylor Fritz found himself faced off against French player Arthur Rinderknech. Now before we get into this year's fireworks, we gotta circle back around to the 3rd round of the 2023 French Open where this little rivalry began. 

The French love their tennis and get very local about it. You know the whole don't talk in the crowd and be respectful thing? Yeah they don't care for that when it comes to willing their own people to victory. It's hostile. If you're up against one of those people you're going to be battling the crowd the whole way. That means shouting while you toss the ball in the air for your serve, cheers when you miss a first serve, etc. It's all fun for the most part and gives that tournament some extra juice. Fritz was able to get by Frenchmen Arthur Rinderknech in four sets in front of a very raucous crowd. When he finally won the match and emphatically shushed the crowd.    

So a year later why is this relevant? Well, before their match on Thursday Rinderknech appeared to still be bothered by the whole thing like the loser that he is. 

"The atmosphere will be calmer (than at Roland in 2023) and he will cry a little less. He was a little whiny. I have nothing against him, but if he expected the French public to give him kisses between points, it was a bad time."

Fritz saw that quote and took it personal, dispatching the Frenchmen in four sets in the 2nd round of this year's Wimbledon. When they shook hands at the net Fritz let out a little fire and told him to "have a nice flight home" 


I LOVE that. Fritz said in the presser afterwards that the moment he saw those quotes that the match was basically over. He's a pretty even-keeled dude who doesn't get into it with really anybody, but if you're gonna call him out before the match like that then he's not gonna have any of it. "You know what you did" is such a funny thing to say to someone being dead serious. Like a vengeful comic book superhero getting even with the bad guy for killing his friend. 

The thing is, Fritz didn't complain at all during that French Open match. He never said a word to the umpire bitching about the noise. He handled it all pretty well and when it was over he shushed them all as a fuck you back. This French fella having a big problem with that is so lame. Fritz was basically waiting the whole match to tell him to have a nice flight home. That's probably all he could think about. Even lamer? Rinderknech's response was "I'm still playing in doubles." That's all you got after opening your mouth before the match? Get the fuck outta here with that. 

So now we have a little American-French rivalry moving forward. Rinderknech isn't nearly the level of player Fritz has become, but they'll definitely meet again and I expect some more fireworks to come with. 

Go USA Go. Fuck the French. 

TL;DR: Just watch this