We Had A Wild Scene In Texas Last Night As A Rangers Fan Almost Fell Into The Padres Dugout After Standing On Top Of It While Trying To Catch A Foul Ball

Eat your heart out Zack Hample, you aren't the only guy going above and beyond to try and bring home a souvenir. Sometimes you want a foul ball so bad you'll do whatever it takes to get one, like stepping up on the visitors dugout, having 0 awareness while falling into the netting and almost crashing down onto the entire Padres team. Just a crazy display of fandom here for a guy that had 0 clue where he was while that ball was in the air while tracking it like Willie Mays at the Polo Grounds. 

The best part is him like getting up and being happy about it? He's dapping people up, giving out hugs, thinks he's the man of the hour for missing a foul ball. Meanwhile Don Orsillo and the Padres booth is frying him up on the broadcast and rightfully so. Looks like security asked him to leave but I did see that he returned to his seat later on, I'm sure they explained to him that you're a grown man and can't really just fall into a dugout full of baseball players while holding a beer. If you can't read and get under a popup, you don't deserve to catch it. That simple. I appreciate him giving 110% effort on the play,, but the execution itself was terrible.