I'm Once Again Asking MLB To Stop Making Disgustingly Bad All-Star Jerseys And Let The Players Wear Their Regular Uniforms In The Game

Brian Bahr. Getty Images.

Look at what they took from us! Look at how gorgeous our game used to be! Back in my day we used to have MLB All-Stars wearing their own uniforms with an All-Star patch on their jersey. It didn't fit together but it was a beautiful mess. You had the classic uniforms out there, Yankees pinstripes, Cubs homes, Dodgers uniforms, Orioles 90s uniforms, it was glorious. Then Covid happened and MLB figured out that they could make a ton of money by having the All-Stars wear special uniforms with a connection to the city that the game resides in. 

It's a cash grab by all the companies involved and I get it, they're in it to make money. But it sucks. There was something awesome about watching an All-Star game and seeing Miguel Cabrera in his Tigers jersey, Evan Longoria in his Rays jersey, Big Papi in his Sox uni, Pujols in his Cardinals fit, Ty Wiggingon rocking the O's jersey. It just gave the game an awesome look. 2021 was the first year that they did away with the boys of summer wearing their own teams uniform and it's been all down hill from here.  

2021 it was moved to Colorado from Atlanta and we were given these in the All-Star Game.

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Like why? Why were these needed except for the sole purpose of Nike making money? They're whatever, they look okay. But it will never look as good as what we once had. 

Kevork Djansezian. Getty Images.

2022 in LA was pretty lame. Just bleh. 

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Last year in Seattle was the better of the 3, still just okay. Just don't like their path of taking such a traditional, fun, recognizable look from a classic event like the MLB All-Star Game. Not everything needs to be digital camo, all dark blue, black and white unis. This isn't high school football nowadays, it reminded me of when ADIDAS did those weird NCAA Basketball uniforms for Kansas, UCLA and all those other schools. Just leave the classic uniforms alone. They should wear these special jerseys in workouts, pregame, Home Run Derby, anything like that. But once the game on lets see the classic fits. 


That brings us to what the best players in baseball will wear on July 16th deep in the heart of Texas….

What in the hell are these? You want to go with a Western theme I guess because you're in Texas, only the letters scream "Western" to me. The colors? Are they throwback Rangers colors? Are they random? Why does the American League jerseys look like they were left in the back window under direct sunlight for months at a time? What is that? It does't go with the blue ad red at all. If you made that weird brownish tan part white, it would be an awesome look. But those look bad, like really bad. The National League's are actually nice, I like them 10 times as much as the AL's version. If you're going to not be wearing your normal, standard home or road uniform then I am perfectly okay with those. At least they look good. AL's not so much, nasty work here from Nike again. Not a great showing by Nike and their short history with making baseball uniforms. 

Just bring it back. Let us old heads experience this classic look, it's so much cleaner. Just fits summertime. Really nothing more American than some hot dogs, burgers, booze, fireworks, and MLB All-Stars rocking their home or away jerseys during the game.

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Doesn't seem like a tough call to make at all!