There Better Be A Full Investigation Into This Ref After He Pulled The Ultimate Bullshit On Christian Pulisic

What the fuck is this? If you watched the match you know what I'm about to say. This ref SUCKS. He is up there as the worst I've ever seen in any sport. An embarrassment, someone who made Berhalter look competent, someone who has no idea what a foul is. 

Again, the US only has themselves to blame. 

An embarrassment to the highest degree. But this is me being mad at this ref. This is utter bullshit. This should lead to a full investigation, even more than this: 

VERY INTERESTING. All I know is you shake someone's hand when they put it out to you. You're a ref for crying out loud! At some point we need someone to step in here and lead the investigation. I suggest Clint Dempsey does that and then become the next player-coach for America. A joke! Something that should be investigated right now. Also, fire Gregg.