US Soccer Is An Embarrassment. It's Time To Finally Fire Gregg Berhalter And Make This A Team Worth A Damn

Look, I don't know how many times I have to say it. How many times do we have to watch this team play like shit? Fire Gregg, rebuild the whole program and make this something respectable. It's that simple. Well, to a degree. I understand the money involved, but fuck it. Let's make the US men's soccer team something worth a damn. It starts at the top. No more MLS ties. No more nepotism. No more bullshit. Give us a coach who doesn't lose to fucking Panama in the US. Give us a coach who doesn't finish on top of CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. Give us a coach who beats a team worth a shit outside of Mexico.

It's not even the 0 goals today. It's not even the lack of scoring. Okay, it is that. It's the fact this team has no threat because we play scared. Shit, the goal that Uruguay scored, Gregg was screaming it was 1-1. It didn't matter. 

A pathetic, sad, sorry ass effort in a tournament that we should be advancing in. It's that simple. I don't care, it's on our soil, it's a team with talent, and we can't get out of a group. Where I come from (the goddamn United States) we fire coaches who can't do their job right. 

We need a coach who can actually get shit out of this team (again, besides beating Mexico). We have too much talent to look like a random ass JV team that tries to play defensive, kick long and pray Pulisic can bail us out. Also stop having Pulisic take free kicks away from scoring opportunities. I know Weah got the red card against Panama. We also blew a 1-0 lead immediately after scoring. We haven't looked good in quite some good. I don't even care that the ref in this match was a shit show or that the camera was the Goodyear blimp basically. It's the US. It's time we take a stand and stop watching shitty soccer representing the red, white and blue. 

A fucking embarrassment. Fire Gregg. Figure it the fuck out. Two years until the World Cup.