Rick Ross And His Crew Got Into A Brawl With Drake Supporters In Vancouver Over Playing "Not Like Us" At The End Of A Concert And 50 Cent Is Once Again The Voice Of Reason In The Entire Matter

TMZ - Rick Ross had a rough night at his show in Canada ... getting into a physical altercation with some guy and triggering a melee that was captured on film.

It all started after the rapper performed at Sunday's Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver. After the gig around 10:30 PM, Rick stepped offstage into a crowded area and got into a heated argument with other men over their choosing to close out the set with Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" track blaring in the background.

We're told the group of about 15 dudes approached Rick and formed a human wall so he and his crew couldn't move around them.

Chaos erupted as the two groups got into a brawl, leading to several men brutally kicking another guy and beating him with their fists.

Our sources say the fight eventually broke up and everyone went their separate ways.

However, Drake, AKA "champagnepapi," offered his two cents, liking a social media post on X about Rick's assault.

Things got very heated in British Columbia last night after Rick Ross tried to get cute closing out his set Ignite Music Festival by playing Kendrick Lamar's "Not Lke Us". His crew was surrounded as they attempted to make their way off stage and head towards their bus or SUVs. 

Luckily for for everybody in this, this was in Canada, where I'm pretty sure the gun laws are much stricter than they are in the US, and you aren't allowed to carry protection, if you're professional security or not. So what we got was just a good old fashioned 15-on-4 (or 5) with fists.

As always, 50 Cent couldn't wait to chime in on all the drama. 

"Now you know. Don't come to Canada"

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50 also managed to get his hands on footage of Rick Ross running for safety and posted that

And footage of Ross' security guard unconscious on the ground.

50 is the ultimate troll. He gives zero fucks who it is, whose side their on, or how many people they've got. You act like a scumbag (like P Diddy), or jump into a rap-battle that has absolutely nothing to do with you and try to attach yourself to the winning side like you had something to do with it (like Rick Ross), and 50 Cent is coming for you. 


Rick Ross learned the hard way here that you play dumb games, you win dumb prizes. 

What did he think was going to happen playing "Not Like Us", effectively a Drake kill shot, in Drake's backyard? (I understand Vancouver is a long ways away from Toronto, but Drake is a national icon in Canada, not just Toronto. He's the biggest thing that ever happened to rap music up there.)

Not even the hotheaded and impulsive camps of Tupac or Notorious B.I.G. would have encouraged them to play "Hit 'Em Up" or "Who Shot Ya" on enemy turf, rubbing it in their face, like you're some badass. 

At least do your own diss song, and walk off to that playing behind your 7 foot tall security guards. Then you're still an asshole, but at least people have to somewhat respect you for having balls. 

This incident just makes Rick Ross's involvement in the Drake vs. Kendrick beef all the more bizarre. 

Rick Ross has made fucking BANK off of collaborating with Drake over the years. 


The two of them appearing on a track together produced a pretty staggering success rate of smash hits. Which made it straight-up mind-boggling when Ross turned on Drake and piled on these past few months. Something that shouldn't be that big of a surprise coming from a former parole officer turned rapper impersonating a drug kingpin. Something 50 Cent was quick to point out as well, and has repeatedly used any chance Rick Ross has given him, for ammo to clown and attack him. The off thing is Ross has yet to respond to 50 or go at him. Nobody really has. Which just goes to show you how nobody wants it with Curtis Jackson because they know he will bury them if he really wants to. He's the career killer. 

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