We Need Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor's Reactions To Ohio State's Jeremiah Smith Signing A Jersey For His Tattoo Artist

Oh my the times have changed. Remember when we had to hide this type of thing or else our entire program would be shut down? Now we're out here posting it on Instagram. Oh the irony....

And I see people are chirping our Unnecessary Roughness account saying that Jeremiah Smith didn't GIVE his tattoo artist a signed jersey, rather that he signed a jersey for his tattoo artist. I personally don't think it matters either way, as all I can think of when I see this picture is how the times have changed.....and how absolutely fucking RIDICULOUS the NCAA and the media handled the Tattoo "Scandal" back in 2011.

Folks, is this not the craziest magazine cover in the history of print media?

How Deep It Went makes it seem like a national emergency type situation. A spy feeding militaristic strategies back to Russia. Treason at the highest level. But nope, what it actually was was that Jim Tressel didn't want to sell out his players for getting free tattoos. "How Deep It Went" -- give me a fucking break. The 2011 Ohio State Buckeyes lost out on a National Championship. Terrelle Pryor lost out on a Heisman Trophy. 5 Buckeye players lost out on their senior season. And Jim Tressel lost his fucking job!!!! The NCAA tried to give Ohio State damn near the Death Penalty.....over trading memorabilia for tattoos. 

....and now we've got Jeremiah Smith, the #1 incoming freshman in the country and current Ohio State receiver, signing jerseys for his tattoo artist. 

Again, clarification that the guy bought the jersey himself, but still....

I wonder what Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor think of this. Both were absolutely railroaded over something so minor, that 15 years later is now completely legal. I think they're both Buckeyes for life and are probably happy for the guys' new opportunities to do this, but the whole world still owes them both an apology. "How Deep It Went". Fucking tattoos.