Brad Stevens Has Done It Again! This Time He Signs NBA Champion Derrick White To A Massive 4 Year/129M Extension To Stay With The Celtics

Elsa. Getty Images.

Alright, you know the drill. Say it with me


God dammit do I love this man. How could anyone not? Time after time after time after time all Brad Stevens does is deliver. What, you thought that was going to stop just because he brought us Banner 18? Hell no! We're just getting started with this shit and making sure you do everything possible so Derrick White remains a Celtic for life and does not hit the open market is a VERY big piece to that puzzle.

You see the numbers going around when it comes to other guards in the league. Everyone's getting 30-40M plus so paying NBA Champion Derrick White an AAV of around $31M sounds like a steal to me. It's not my money, Wyc has said time and time again that he is going to pay whatever it takes to build a contender and win titles, and the fact that he is actually backing that up and cutting the checks to do it rules so hard. John Henry, this is how you do it!

It goes without saying how important Derrick White was to not only the title, but everything the Celtics do. The second he went bald he changed his game forever, and the results speak for themselves

If we're being honest, there was not a price that was too high for me when it came to Derrick. He had made it pretty obvious how much he wanted to be in Boston and how much he loved being a Celtic, he talked about how Joe Mazzulla changed his basketball life and career and how much he loves playing for him. At the end of the day, not only is Derrick White one of the best two way players in the entire league, he's a tremendous Celtic. A player who has understood what it means to be a Celtic since the second he got here, to see someone like DWhite get rewarded like this is awesome as hell.


The Celtics know where they stand right now. They know that they are in a window to do some really special shit these next few years before Tatum's supermax kicks in. There will definitely be tough decisions to make down the road, but RIGHT NOW they are doing everything in their power to not just repeat, but keep this train moving for the foreseeable future.

This was the Woj bomb we were all waiting for, despite the excitement from yesterday's news about Kornet/Queta. The big one was making sure Derrick White got the extension he deserved, and here we are.

Brad Stevens, one again showing the world why he is in fact the GOAT. 

What a tremendous day.