IT'S OFFICIAL: Paul George Signs With The Sixers For A Max Contract


The Sixers officially made the best possible move they could make in this off-season. They even sent the big guns to Cali in Dr J. and the Washington Commanders/NJ Devils owner to seal the deal. Lovely. Now, is 34-year-old PG what he was in his hey day? Of course not. But he isn't expected to be a first-team All-NBA super sling dickin' stud like he's been in the past. Paul George is going to be the third option behind a hopefully MVP bound Joel Embiid and borderline superstar Tyrese Maxey. But that doesn't mean he's got nothing left in the tank. In 2023-2024, PG averaged over 22 points and had career highs in shooting 47.1% and 41.3% from 3, which also made him Top 10 in threes made per game this past season. He's also not Tobias Harris, which is quite possibly PG's most positive trait. 

So well done Daryl Morey. Outside of a Jimmy Butler trade or Hail Mary attempt to get LeBron by holding his son hostage drafting Bronny, there isn't really any other big-ish move the Sixers could've made to get a certified #3 behind Maxey and Embiid. Sir Nicholas Batum isn't returning, but Morey is making some other decent off-season plays to round out the roster. 

Outside of veteran Eric Gordon being an obvious signing to appease his former teammate Paul George, Oubre and Drummond are fantastic pieces for this squad. As long as he's not getting hit by cars, Kelly will continue to be an important piece on this team. And Andre Drummond was a very, very solid backup to Embiid a few years back when he was on the Sixers for half a season. Bball Paul is a hustler, but a true C behind JoJo is obviously needed for this squad to really compete when it matters. 


Alrighty then. Hey, it's probably the best the Sixers could've done so far this offseason. Are they better than the Champion Celtics? Of course not. But as long as everyone is healthy*, they should be able to compete in the East. Maybe even get past the second round for the first time in a goddamn generation. Seriously. We've got 2-4 realistic years of MVP Embiid left. Gotta finally start being about it. 

Now do me a favor and CUE IT!

*On the topic of health, is it batshit to kinda want to rest Joel Embiid literally half the season? Like seriously just take the load management fines, give Jokic another MVP, and only play the big man like 40-50 games. It's not always his fault, but it would be nice to see one of the best natural players we've ever seen in a Sixers uniform actually 100% for a playoff run. No knee tears or soreness, no broken face, no excuses. Actually something to think about.