"Fuck You, Brooks Koepka" - Aaron Ekblad Kept The Receipts For The Panthers' Stanley Cup Parade

Rich Storry. Getty Images.

Just a year and some change ago, the Florida Panthers weren't in the best spot. This was a team that was sitting in 4th place in the Atlantic Division in March of 2023. A team that got called out on radio by Keith Tkachuk for playing like a bunch of soft little bitches after a 5-2 loss to the Ottawa Senators. And sitting in a box during that Senators loss was lifetime "P's" fan, Brooks Koepka. 

Koepka wasn't a massive fan of Aaron Ekblad's performance that night. Nevermind the fact that Aaron Ekblad had been dealing with injuries for most of the previous 3 seasons, and you'd think a guy like Brooks Koepka would understand how long it takes an athlete to fully come back to the best version of themselves after injury. Brooks Koepka was frustrated with his beloved P's and decided to take it out on Ekblad by calling him "a fucking traffic cone"

So there's the context for anyone who may have been caught a little off guard by Aaron Ekblad using his moment up on the stage today at the Panthers' Cup Parade to return the favor to Ekblad. Kept it short and simple with this one. 

Sure, Brooks may have won a major since that moment. But nobody throws you a parade for winning the PGA Championship. Aaron Ekblad got his parade, kept the receipts, and emptied the clip on this one. Fuck you, Brooks Koepka!