A Prison Guard At One Of London's Biggest Prisons Has Been Arrested After A Viral Twitter Video Allegedly Showing Sex With An Inmate In His Cell


A woman has been charged over a social media video allegedly showing a member of prison staff having sex with an inmate in a jail cell.The Metropolitan Police said Linda De Sousa Abreu, 30, from Fulham in west London, was charged on Saturday with misconduct in public office.

The Met added it began its investigation on Friday "after officers were made aware of a video allegedly filmed inside HMP Wandsworth".Ms De Sousa Abreu is due to appear in custody at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

In May, an "urgent notification" about conditions at HMP Wandsworth was issued by chief inspector of prisons Charlie Taylor.It came after inspectors found Wandsworth was stricken with severe overcrowding, vermin and rising violence among inmates.

So this has been going viral on Twitter the last few days and I guess we've got some more information yesterday after they charged the suspected prison guard of misconduct in public office. For context, the most viral video on Twitter this week has been a full blown sextape allegedly filmed in one of London's biggest prisons that is apparently in shambles with overcrowding and vermin. And I'm talking full-blown four minute long, every position you can imagine, still in uniform madness.  Why you would want to have sex in a vermin filled cell and record it is beside me, but it's 2024 and no internet video can really be that shocking anymore. For various reasons I can't link it here but if you've got two hands, a phone, and a search button you can probably find it super quickly. 

Without any additional information, a four minute sextape filmed by another inmate who is commentating saying shit like "do your thing bruv" before he records a full on 15/15/30 Stu Feiner inspired fornication session of his inmate friend is ludicrous in its own right. Now what if I told you the prison guard who is alleged of doing these heinous things had her wedding ring on in the video and internet sleuths found out she was happily married with a kid? I don't think it's too crazy to say with context, and if you've watched the video (which I had to for journalistic research purposes and only that) you'd agree, that all-in-all this may be one of the crazier things ever willingly posted to the Internet. 

I've really got nothing else here other than I have a billion questions about how this all went down and I'm sure we'll get those answers in the near future as this goes to trial. And if I know anything about the Internet, and if these allegations are true, we'll be seeing her on stage at a concert like the Hawk Tuah girl or we'll have a link to "exclusive content" in her Instagram bio in no time. It's 2024, the game is the game. 

P.S. Funny is funny: