Hawk Tuah Girl Went On Stage And Performed "Revival" With Zach Bryan

By now we’ve all seen Tommy Smokes looking like absolute alien puke. 

But as it turns out her feeling bad and posing for pictures with mutants wasn’t just the only reason she was there. She was part of the famous Revival at the end of the show. 

I can’t tell you just how hilarious this entire thing really is. Girl goes viral for giving a funny answer and now she’s on stage with massive country acts. Just a fucking 2024 moment in a nutshell. Absolutely hilarious, although I assume her family is still mixed on all the notoriety. 

Shoutout Zach Bryan for having his finger on the pulse and getting her up on stage before anyone else now anyone else who tries to do it is 2nd fiddle and it never has the same impact. ZB killed it with this one.