Dan Ige Didn't Get The Win, But Earned EVERYONE'S Respect Tonight

After all of the drama and hoopla behind tonight's co-main event, it actually happened. Dan Ige stepped in to replace Brian Ortega in a fight against Diego Lopes on just HOURS notice, literally rolling right off the couch, and while he didn't get the win - he put up one HELL of a fight and turned the matchup into a brawl by the third round, finishing strong and on top.

It seemed like early on, Lopes just kept getting the better of the exchanges they shared on the feet, stringing together his combinations perfectly. He'd end a lot of them with a big knee up the middle, and landed a bunch before ending the first two rounds with decent submission attempts. Ige fought back hard, though, and it felt like he knew he had to go for broke in the final round if he wanted the win. He was swinging for the fences (and landing a decent amount too!) and the crowd was rallying behind him more and more with each shot. It was pretty awesome to experience in the building.

It's obviously not too bad a loss for Ige, considering how everything played out tonight - and I'd argue his stock only rose from this. He's the badass that is truly about fighting anyone/anytime/anywhere.