Mayra Bueno Silva Is Insane For Trying To Keep Fighting With This Cut On Her Face

Sorry for the gross blog here, but I just had to point how how insane (and tough) Mayra Bueno Silva is for trying to continue after having her face split in half by Macy Chiasson. Bueno Silva was sliced open on this ground-and-pound elbow....

....and she shook it off immediately, shrugging and questioning why the doctors were even giving her a look - but uhhh, it's because she had a massive hole in her forehead....


What are we even talking about there? Stopping this fight was a NO BRAINER. You can't let that keep going! She'll start getting her face peeled off like The High Evolutionary in Guardians Vol 3 if you allow her to fight any further!

Still, though, this wasn't the worst MMA cut of the weekend. That belongs to Justin Gonzales of the PFL, who had his head caved in by Large's fifth cousin Brendan Loughnane last night….


Disgusting. Completely and utterly disgusting. There's a reason you'll never see me in a scrap, and this is it. 

Plus I'm a pussy.