Ian Machado Garry Edges Out A Boring Decision Win Over Michael Venom Page

It's always tough when you have a matchup between two guys whose styles are practically identical, and could potentially cancel each other out, and tonight - Ian Machado Garry and Michael Venom Page had to be those guys. 

It wasn't the WORST fight on the card (Andrei Arlovski vs Martin Buday happened earlier) - but it just wasn't great. Garry didn't engage as much as I thought he might on the feet, and rather showed off the grappling/jiu jitsu he's been working on at Chute Boxe down in Brazil, and MVP didn't have a ton of success in the striking department himself. Page won the second round, in my opinion, and landed a few good shots - don't get me wrong - but Garry controlled the majority of the first and third rounds with back control and was deservedly given the decision win because of it in my eyes.

I'm just not sure if Ian Machado Garry's stock rose at all with this win, unfortunately. I like the guy, I really do, but I don't think there's any denying that tonight's fight was a bit of a snoozer. 

If they make that Ian Garry/Colby Covington matchup soon, I think he's got a great shot at getting the fans back on his side (because let's be honest, who the hell is a Colby fan in 2024?) - but this win wasn't the one to do it.

Still, he may have the funniest little baby in the UFC, who can mimic fighters already....

....and at the end of the day - a win is a win. Still undefeated, and onto the next one. Congrats to Ian.