Joe Pyfer FACEPLANT KOs Marc-Andre Barriault In UFC 303's Featured Prelim

It only took Joe Pyfer one minute and twenty five seconds to get back in the W column tonight, rebounding from his first official UFC loss to Jack Hermansson with a HUGE knockout over Marc-Andre Barriault. I guess you could say he took the UFC saying he didn't break Francis Ngannou's punching record* to heart....

Pyfer rocked MAB with a big overhand right against the cage, and he never fully recovered, because he slowly dropped after a few more shots - and Pyfer hit him with one final killshot on his way down that faceplanted him BADLY. It even seemed like MAB's body was shaking a bit before he came to, which was super scary to witness up close. I hope he's alright.

It's a beautiful way to get back on track for Pyfer, though - he took zero damage and is looking to stay active and return this Fall, and I'd love to see that. Quick turnarounds and finishes are the building blocks of a superstar on the rise.

*If you're not aware, the UFC has a machine at their performance institute that measures punching power. Francis Ngannou held the record for years, and they basically said he punched like a Ford F150 hitting you at 60mph - but Joe Pyfer went and scored higher than Francis recently and the team behind it claimed it had to be a glitch, so they don't count him as the real record holder.