It's Official: Dan Ige Is Stepping Into The UFC 303 Co-Main Event On A Just HOURS Notice

Holy shit - it's actually happening. Dan Ige vs Diego Lopes at 165lb catchweight is on.

If you haven't been following this saga tonight, read this blog real quick and come back here....

All caught up?! You get the jist?! Because this is fucking insane, and completely unprecedented.

For the first time in UFC history, a fighter will be stepping into the co-main event on mere hours notice. What a story. 

I mean, seriously - Dan Ige woke up this morning completely unprepared to fight tonight, got the call this evening, and somehow made it to the arena DURING THE BROADCAST to weigh-in and step into a massive fight. He's got absolute balls of steel for that, and I can't even imagine the emotions he's been through today. I'm sure the same goes for Lopes emotion-wise, because what a snip-snap for him! From fighting Brian Ortega on short notice, to moving the fight up an entire weight division after he had already cut the weight, to fighting Dan Ige at 165lbs.

Oh, and how about the UFC being able to rebook the co-main from Jamahal Hill vs Khalil Rountree Jr to Jamahal Hill vs Carlos Ulberg to Carlos Ulberg vs Anthony Smith to Anthony Smith vs Roman Dolizde (which is happening tonight but not in the co-main) - to Brian Ortega vs Diego Lopes to Diego Lopes vs Dan Ige. That's one hell of a cursed slot on this card.

Credit to both fighters, the UFC, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission for making this happen. I'm a big Diego Lopes guy but it almost feels like I have to root for Ige tonight. A lot of people say they'll fight anyone/anytime/anywhere - but Ige is clearly actually about that life.