Payton Talbott May Be The UFC's Next Big Thing After This 19-Second KO

Payton Talbott is one hell of an exciting prospect for the UFC. He's got an incredibly dangerous and exciting style, he's 8-0 with 7 finishes at only 25 years old, he's got a literal black hole in his soul.... 

Chris Unger. Getty Images.

….and he's got a VERY interesting/unique personality. 

For example, he paints his nails, works on his agility with a stripper pole, and tried to give his opponent the perfect gameplan to beat him tonight….


Originally, when Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler was slated to headline UFC 303, it felt like Talbott's inclusion on the card was specifically to showcase him to a larger audience; it's the same kinda stuff they did with Sean O'Malley when he was a newcomer actually. Obviously that larger 'Conor McGregor' level audience probably ain't watching tonight - but I still think Talbott could be the UFC's next big thing after tonight's 19-second knockout over Yanis Ghemmouri. Watching his head snap back and his the canvas after he was dropped was insane.

Granted, Talbott was a -1600 favorite in this fight, but he also looked like a -1600 favorite tonight. It's pretty rare to live up to the expectations of those odds. I also loved his callout of Adrian Yanez. If Talbott picked up a finish over him, he'd probably be ready for a Top 15 opponent only a few fights into his career. It's a great gameplan.

Keep an eye on Payton Talbott - I'm tellin ya, he may just be special.