The Blackhawks Add Two Big Boys In The First Round Of The NHL Draft And Fans Online Are NOT Happy

Ohhh boy, Blackhawks twitter is an ugly place right now. There was a cult-like group of MHL experts who wanted Demidov. That group was angry and morphed into Cole Eisserman stans. 

I like Levshunov a lot. I watched him a play a good amount this year for Michigan State. When I watch him play I see Charlie McAvoy. I see a guy who looks like he can be a true #1 D. A guy who can play 26 mins night that you trust in all situations. The Blackhawks defense of the future looks very good with Vlasic, Korchinski, and Rinzel, but none of those are appear to be as well-rounded as Levshunov. 

If they would've drafted Demidov that would've been fine with me as well, but philosophically speaking I like the idea of adding a premier defenseman and building out through the back. People can disagree with that and that's fine. The Demidov crowd might be right in the end, but this pick will help the Blackhawks get better. 

The Blackhawks moved up from 20th to 18th, giving up an extra 2nd round pick to do so, when in reality the odds are that Sacha Boisvert would've been there at 20. I think the plan was to try to move up from 18th for Sennecke, but when he was gone at #3 that plan was out the window. 

I don't know anything about Boisvert and I won't pretend to. I do know that the Blackhawks needed size in the prospect pool. Ultimately the Blackhawks felt that Boisvert brings more to the table at this point than Eiserman's goal-scoring. I don't think the Blackhawks ever seriously considered Eiserman. We'll see how this decision around 18, including the trade and passing on Eiserman pans out. I understand being mad about passing on Eiserman. Would've looked great on paper. Might've looked great on the ice. 

I also understand the need to build an actual team on the ice. Nobody has ever gotten to the playoffs and wished that their team was smaller. This isn't "chel". You can't just throw out 12 forwards under 6ft and expect to win the playoffs. Big boy hockey wins and adding size was necessary for the pipeline. Nice hands on him too. 

Also good looking hair. I'll have to tell him about sea salt spray


Still a big week ahead for Davidson and hockey ops. The Blackhawks are still a long way away from having a winning team. I hope Davidson works to change that when free agency opens on 7/1.