Dana White Says "None Of The Above" When Asked If Conor McGregor May Return In Aug/Sep/Oct

I got to catch up with Dana White backstage at the UFC 303 press conference yesterday, and we discussed this weekend's card/what is going into the UFC show at the Sphere/what he thought of the UFC Fight Inc show on Roku, and more.

I asked for an update on Conor McGregor at the end of the interview, despite him saying he wouldn't be answering any Conor McGregor questions earlier in the week (because I had to, c'mon that's like my whole schtick) - and I wanted to know if August/September/October were in the cards, to which he responded, "None of the above."

In the moment, I thought he meant that he's not going to provide an update on any of the above - hence my instant "I figured." response. 

Upon watching it back though, and reading all of the replies/comments on this moment, I'm starting to think he meant McGregor may not be fighting in any of the above months, which is painful to think about. 

Almost as painful as it was to read this tweet from the Champ Champ this morning....

Heal up fast, Champ Champ. We'll be waiting!!

Still, I thought it was a pretty good interview and would love for you to check it out! Here's a couple more clips from it….