Whoa Thats Weird: The Shanghai Sharks Allegedly Refused To Pay Noah Vonleh's Contract And Tried To Physically Remove Him From A Hotel Room

Donnie Does needs to get his team in line! 

Last night, former Hornet, Trailblazer, Raptor, Bull, Knick, Timberwolf, Nugget, Net, Celtic Indiana Hoosier, Noah Vonleh decided to stand on business on social media by putting the Chinese Basketball Association and the Shanghai Sharks on blast.  Not only were the Sharks refusing to pay money on his guaranteed contract, lying about injuries and attendance, but the craziest part is they sent a team of people with weapons to enter his hotel room, and remove him in the middle of the night. 

Watching the debates between the two oldest dudes in the world had me concerned about our vulnerability to China, BUT NOW it's a full blown code red. These motherfuckers have no problem sealing you in a room for months on end, or removing you with force from a paid for hotel room. 

This is why when I stay in a hotel, I always latch the chain lock on the side of the door frame. I'm not concerned about a squad of people with weapons busting in, but I've got constant anxiety about housekeeping walking in, and I've heard stories of the front desk just forgetting what rooms are booked and handing over a fresh set of room keys to your exact room. I don't need a family of 4 having their vacation ruined after walking in on a bored, lonely Vibbsy using every drop of the complimentary body lotion. Also is there any way to request another bottle of lotion at the front desk without the hotel assuming you've spent your stay jerking it on their spotty wifi? I mean, I am, but I don't want the awkward interaction. 

This is Noah Vonleh's side of the story, who knows what the Sharks will have to say about the incident. People make up crazy shit when money is involved, but the picture of the makeshift jemmy to open the hotel is a pretty damning smoking gun for the Shark's organization. Plus, you can't trust a sports team that doesn't sell alcohol at their stadium. We might have to send in The Dark Shark to Shanghai to rescue Noah Vonleh, or at least get the man paid.