Today In Japan: There Is A Guy That Dresses/Acts Like The Joker Running For Governor Of Tokyo And He May Be The Perfect Politician

Tokyo Weekender- Of all the wacky candidates in the Tokyo gubernatorial election it is Yusuke Kawai who seems to be making the biggest impression. The man known as the Japanese Joker, though he is also sometimes dressed as the titular character from The Mask, has brought a lot of color, craziness and controversy to this year’s race to be governor. 

In one poster, Kawai is seen dressed as the Mask surrounded by three women. It’s part of his message to promote polygamy in Japan to help solve the country’s declining birth rate. In another, he calls on Shibuya to legalize marijuana. Appearing in his Joker outfit with his hand out holding green leaves, he suggests renaming the ward “Shabuya,” with “shabu” being slang for stimulants.  

When I first saw this, I thought about how crazy shit can get on that little island in the Far East. Then I let it marinate for a bit and realized Yusuke Kawai is not only fit to be governor of Tokyo, but any office on the planet considering what last night's debate looked like.

Most rational people can agree that most politicians can be trusted as far as you can throw them, no matter how many promises they make to you with a fake smile on their face. But what if you had a politician with an extremely real, permanent smile on his face whose goal in life is to be an agent of chaos? A disruptor like that sounds like a much better option than the same ol' blue and red pills that get shoved down our throats every year. 

I know we saw The Joker do a lot of bad things in every movie, TV show, and comic book he has ever been in. But most of it was only done to show the people of Gotham the true faces of their "heroes" like Harvey Dent, who is as two-faced as every ladder climber on the planet, or masked vigilantes that recklessly take street justice into their own hands. 

Kawai is also more of a lover than a fighter considering one of his platforms is pushing to remove the pixelation of Japanese porn, which feels like something the Japanese people would want.

Besides, how bad can a guy that dresses as The Mask really be?

Can you imagine if the @POTUS Twitter handle sent out a SMOCKIN!!! tweet? That's the kind of shit that could unite these states once again. So vote The Joker in November no matter which country you live in because I guarantee he is more honest than the clowns that usually run for office.