Katharine McPhee's Creepshow 74 Year Old Billionaire Husband is Fat Shaming Her and This Will Not Be Tolerated

Christopher Polk. Getty Images.

This might be hard to wrap your brain around unless you are old enough to have lived through it, but there was a time when American Idol mattered. An age where it was more than just another drop in the Reality TV competition show bucket, but a true cultural phenomenon. The show you talked about the next day at work and was discussed ad nauseum on Howard Stern and Morning Zoo-type FM radio. A glorious moment in time when whoever won (and some of the runners up) was destined to become the next big pop music superstar. As opposed to now, when winning it means you'll get to sing the National Anthem at an Auto Show in front of a barely interested crowd of car dealers who've never heard of you. 

At its peak, Idol was certainly big at Barstool. Dave Portnoy had an absolutely uncanny streak of predicting winners. And a fanboying of also-ran who went onto actual superstardom, Adam Lambert. Back when it was just four or five of us blogging, we'd easily generate eight or posts a week about the show. And for me personally, there was one figure who towered above the rest like the Statue of Liberty. With a microphone for a torch. Lifting her lamp beside the golden door to my heart. That would be the great, multi-platinum Katharine McPhee:

Viewers watching at home quickly became aware she was singing directly to me. As did the audience in the theater on Broadway starring in Waitress

But alas, it wasn't meant to be. First, because I'm beholden to my own angelic-voiced Irish Rose. And also, because I'm too young for her. She ended up marrying a man many years my senior, and with a billion or so greater net worth than mine. And yet, with nowhere near the appreciation for Katharine than I have. Obviously:

Source - They’re not over it. 

A resurfaced video has pitted Katharine McPhee’s fans against her husband, David Foster. 

The video, which went viral on TikTok and since prompted countless response videos, is from a concert performance of the couple’s first show together. 

During the show, McPhee, 40, can be seen talking into the microphone, recounting to the crowd about how she first met Foster, 74, when she appeared on Season 5 of “American Idol” in 2006. …

She met her future husband, “When I was a little chubby and cheerful contestant on ‘American Idol,’ look at me smiling,” she told the crowd, pointing up to an old photo of herself on a big screen behind her. 

“Oh yeah – you were fat,” Foster replied, as the audience laughed. 

“’I was a little chubby, okay? Just young,” she replied. 


How dare you, good sir? I will have none of this disrespect. And neither will the internet:

I say this with a heavy heart, but life is unfair. People who are given great treasures they do not deserve often take them for granted. This is just such a case. A terribly egregious one. 

Let's get one thing clear, Richie Rich. Katharine McPhee is neither too heavy or too thin. She is exactly the perfect weight at all times. She is precisely what she wishes to be:


Maybe there's room for only one Silver Fox in McPhee's life. And if she needs to have her honor defended from this ingrate, when then by golly I'm just the Boomer to do it. A Geezer Fight it is. Mano y mano. These Old Balls against his Much Older, Richer Balls. At a time and place of David Foster's choosing. He started this war. I'll finish it. A man fortunate (and wealthy) enough to land this prize needs to learn some respect. Or else they don't deserve what they have. But unfortunately, as legendary Old Guy Clint Eastwood once put it in one of his finest films, "Deserving's got nothing to do with it."