BREAKING NEWS: The Kid From Akron Ohio Is Coming To The Indiana Pacers

He's just a kid from Akron, Ohio, and the Indiana Pacers are lucky enough to have him. No, not LeBron James. LBJ's too busy holding a gun to JJ Redick's head and forcing him to draft Bronny James. I'm obviously talking about the former Akron Zip's walk-on and former MAC player of the year, Enrique Freeman. 

Yeah, I don't know how to feel. I guess I'm happy? What are you supposed to do when all you've got is 3 picks in the 2nd round (36, 49, 50)? It's a crapshoot, and after a 24 hour period where the Knicks made huge moves, anything a cap strapped Pacer's franchise did was going to look insignificant. Which is fine, the Pacers got their blue chip talent in the last two drafts and need to develop from within. The Knicks 10000% got better, but if I had a dollar for every time New York fans celebrated winning a championship with their offseason signings in any sport, I'd be rich. 

I had zero expectations coming into what has been considered a weak draft, where the Pacer's had zero first round picks, and essentially zero roster spots for any rookies (if Rick Carlisle would even play them.) I assume the Pacers still have one more move up their sleeve to trade for a veteran who plays defense/ gets boards, but time will tell. Until then, we have 3 rookies who were all solid college players, but who knows if that will translate to the NBA. RIP to the greats like Adam Morrison. 

The only player I realistically had my eyes on was Cam Spencer from Uconn, but the Pacer's instead got back to back NCAA champ Tristan Newton. I think Spencer is a better player, but Newton is for sure a winner. I'll take it. 

Enrique Freeman is one of those players that you just say, why not? and hope taking a flyer on a talented player works out. The Zips were conference champs, but one and done in the tournament. I love MACtion as much as the next guy, and I'll take a conference player of the year, but the MAC kind of stinks at the moment. 

The Pacer's highest draft pick was used on what I would say is a classic Pacer's draft pick, some random white guy who the Pacer's think is going to develop into a great player. Johnny Furphy a solid shooter at guard, who is young as yell, with a ton of potential upside, BUT he doesn't really play defense. I've seen a bunch of analysts and scouts saying they have all the hope in the world that he can and will develop as a two way player. Sure? The 2029 Pacers will be looking great when that happens. 


I can't complain about a draft where I expected nothing. The Pacer's big moment was last week when we signed Pascal Siakam. The moment of the draft for the state of Indiana was Zach Edey and Kel'el Ware going in the top 15 of the first round. 

Everyone expects the old NBA prototype big man, Zach Edey, to not have a spot in the league, and be a bust. I feel like he'll for sure be a solid backup that gets minutes, but a top 10 player? No. Also, I hate saying this as an IU fan, but I didn't hate watching Zach Edey play. Everyone said he is boring, but I love watching a traditional big man work (pause).

Kel'el Ware is the ideal big man for the current NBA. He rebounds, blocks shots, has an incredibly soft touch around the rim, and he can knock down the 3 ball with ease. It's like Adam Silver used his advanced alien technologies to create Ware in a lab. The only problem is, what if low motor red flag he had at Oregon come back, and it really was Woody who is the big man whisperer.  


The draft is over, now it's only 119 says till the NBA season tips off. Until then, we've got CC on at 10pm. Go Fever.