The Florida Panthers Are Having The Sluttiest Little Stanley Cup Celebration, Climbing Up Strip Poles At E11even

You know what? It's probably a good thing that McDavid didn't register a point in game 7. It's probably for the best that Edmonton didn't become the first Canadian team in 31 years to win the Cup. Because what on Earth would they be doing with it right now? Just hanging out in the parking lot of the local Tim Horton's?

Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers haven't seen the back of their eyelids since their pregame naps on Monday afternoon. This team has been buzzing through South Florida like a goddamn hurricane. Elbo Room on Tuesday, and then they followed it up on Wednesday by heading to E11even. Now I don't know much about E11even aside from the fact that Gaz practically lives there. So I can only imagine what goes down at that place. But I can tell you about what goes up, and that's the Florida Panthers on the dance poles. 


I don't know if Ryan Lomberg has put on a shirt since the Panthers won on Monday night. But to be fair, I'd never have a shirt on either if I looked like this. 

I guess I just never realized how many himbos are on this Florida Panthers roster. At least Sasha Barkov is out here to keep everything nice and wholesome. 

You never know how freakishly athletic hockey players are until they celebrate winning a Cup. The fact that these guys are still standing upright doesn't seem human.