'Send A Ransom Note, We Have Your Son' - Tim Legler's Genius Idea For Teams To Draft Bronny James And Hold Him Hostage Until The Lakers Trade For Him

I LOVE this idea. I mean I don't want the Celtics to do it and get Austin Reaves, fuck that. But I love the idea of a team swooping in before the Lakers at 55, drafting Bronny and then sending ransom notes to the Lakers. See how serious they are. Make LeBron choose between his son or a teammate - which is basically just the plot to Fast X. That movie fucking rules, so this being real life would be a content dream. I'd like to imagine the draft picture of Bronny in another team's hat and holding a sign 'please send Austin Reaves to x team.' 

This isn't limited to the Celtics. In fact anyone in the second round should do this. You're talking the second round, shit the draft is at 4pm. This is how you draw up interest. You hold Bronny James hostage and create a real life Fast X/Celtic Pride crossover. Is it rational? Of course not, but what about NBA discussion is rational? It's damn near impossible to have a rational basketball talk anymore. That's a whole different blog though. This is about putting this in the universe for a team to do. The Jazz have pick 32, you think Danny Ainge isn't dreaming of this scenario? 

I need to know how LeBron decides here. I wouldn't even stop at Austin Reaves. I want the Knicks to do it and hold him hostage for Anthony Davis. Really make LeBron pick a side here. Either he cares about playing with a star or his son. Feel like he'll get rid of Austin Reaves too easily. It's really just Anthony Davis or no one at this point. If we're going to make the second round of a weak NBA Draft watchable this is the only solution.