Welcome Home: PMT Got Rick Rick Pitino To Basically Admit He Loves Kentucky More Than Anything, Cut A Check To The Football Team

I can't stress how big of a deal this is. PMT hosting KSR is always one of the funniest days of the year because so many of my fellow Cat fans have no idea who Big Cat and PFT are. They just lose their minds over obvious jokes/trolls. This is why we're Big Blue Nation though. We're not rational people. We're hardly normal. We live and die over Kentucky sports and take everything as serious as it gets. 

But Rick Pitino coming out KSR to talk about Kentucky? Buddy, this man is DYING to be a Wildcat again. That's my biggest takeaway. Look at some of these quotes: 

This is the Rick Pitino I want! I don't care if he's speaking in hyperbole and doing PR stuff. It's good for Kentucky, it's good for me. That's all I know. Special assistant to the head coach coming soon? Sure seems that way. Give me GM Rick Pitino. Let him work in a corner office, cut checks, help out with recruiting and Mark Pope run the show. That's my dream. I still think if Pitino never left Kentucky he'd be arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all time. Look at the rosters he had in the 90s. Look how much he was winning. You let him build on that for another 20+ years? History, man. History. 

I didn't care for the Jack from Oakland call. That's the past. We're not worried about the past fellas. But it didn't matter. Rick Pitino loves Kentucky. That's all I can takeaway from their hosting ability today. He's cutting checks, he's talking about the program, this man might bleed blue more than me at this point. Welcome on home, Coach Pitino.