The Most Dangerous Game: Sauce Gardner Asked People For Tips While He Live Tweeted A Round Of Golf, Now Addicted To The Golf Grind

This right here is the most dangerous game. No one and I mean no one is more ruthless than Twitter when you show them your golf swing. It doesn't matter your handicap, their handicap, whatever. People think they have the only perfect swing and will tell you so. Nothing makes me laugh more than the dude who plays 5 times a year, shoots a generous 104 and comments on PGA Tour's twitter account about what Scottie Scheffler is doing wrong with his swing. That'll help. 

Now, we shouldn't be surprised that a world-class athlete can also hit the shit out of a golf ball. I don't care how frustrating the sport is for regular ass folks like me and you. Athletes shouldn't be bad at golf. I firmly believe that. But this is where Sauce is learning. 

All logical fixes! Hell, these are fixes that the every day golfer has to remind themselves. But here's where it gets dangerous. Sauce Gardner is now addicted to the golf grind. 


I'm sure Jets fans love hearing their best player is going to be working on his golf game all year. Don't blame him though. Once you start playing golf you don't just give it up. You don't play for 2 weeks and start over. No, you grind tape.

Welcome to the game though. Dangerous to ask people on Twitter for help, they usually aren't going to give you tips that work. Allow me to introduce you to most comments: bro that swing fucking stinks. You shouldn't play golf.