The Awkward Photos Of NBA Draftees Wearing Hats Of Teams They Won't Be Playing For Must Be Stopped

It seems to happen at least once every single year. A NBA Draft prospect hears his name called by Commissioner Adam Silver, hugs his family and friends, makes his way up the stage, puts on a hat, and poses for a picture.

There is only one issue here. Sometimes, the player is wearing a hat of a team that he won't even be playing for! In this year's case, it was Kentucky's Rob Dillingham. The guard was initially selected 8th overall by the San Antonio Spurs...

Great for him. A one-and-done player gets picked inside the lottery, and at this moment, his life has changed forever. The only issue is that just a few minutes later, a trade was announced...

With this piece of information in mind… why is Rob Dillingham still in a Spurs hat?! Someone please emerge from backstage and give him a T-Wolves hat (47-brand, of course #PlugGod). 

Lev Radin. Shutterstock Images.

If I was drafted into the NBA, I would immediately frame the moment that I was picked and the joy I felt on stage with the commissioner. I'd imagine that a lot of these guys do the same, but in Dillingham's case, he is going to be wearing the wrong hat. I don't get it. I truly don't. Everyone in the building knew that he wasn't going to be a Spur, so why are we acting like he is going to be a Spur?

This dilemma happens annually, and I will get mad about it every single time. It makes no sense.