Get Ready To Hang The Banners, The Sixers Are Going To Be The Best Social Media Team The League After Drafting Jared McCain

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

A decade later and it's safe to say that The Process has been an abject failure. The Sixers have now gone to the playoffs in each of the last 7 years, and are yet to make it past the 2nd round in any of them. Meanwhile, the Bucks have won a championship, the Celtics have won a championship, the Raptors have won a championship, the Heat have been to an NBA Finals, and the Knicks have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Sixers have drafted a guy who literally couldn't play basketball in Markelle Fultz, and another who simply refused to play basketball in Ben Simmons. They added Jimmy Butler and James Harden. No matter what the Sixers seem to do, it doesn't work out. 

So maybe they need to stop focus on being the best basketball team in basketball, and instead look for other areas where they can be elite. Points and rebounds are great, but what about followers and engagement? You could argue that in today's world, those mean even more. Which is why Jared McCain was the perfect draft pick at 16 last night. 

2 million TikTok followers! How many TikTok followers did Michael Jordan have when he was drafted? We're talking about a generational talent here when it comes to Jared McCain. The Philadelphia 76ers social media team woke up this morning with the easiest job in America. They'll never have to do anything again because Jared McCain is driving the ship. 


And here's what I really love about Jared McCain--most guys get drafted to the NBA and immediately start to party because they feel like they've made it. But not Jared McCain. He's immediately back in the lab working on his craft. He doesn't feel like he's "made it" because he got drafted to the NBA, he just feels like he has to work that much harder now. Straight from the draft stage and already putting up his first official NBA TikTok within a few minutes. 

Find me someone else who grinds that hard. This guy just wants it more. The Sixers' official TikTok account only has 1 million followers. Jared McCain is going to jack those numbers up right away, and he's going to lead this social media team to greatness. The Process was a failure, but The Algorithm still has a chance. 

Sidenote: Kid can shoot just as well as he can post.