This Dodgers Bat Boy Needs The Medal of Honor For Catching This Absolute Rocket Of A Foul Ball That Was Headed Right For Shohei Ohtani

Heroes walk among us everyday and most of the time we don't even see them. Undercover cops, teachers, bloggers and bat boys just to name a few. The unsung heroes of the baseball world, these guys make sure the wood is always picked up and sometimes just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Take the Dodgers bat boy last night in Chicago. He's hanging out of the top step, Shohei Ohtani getting ready for his at-bat coming up soon and he wanders near the top step where the bat boy is hanging out. Next thing you know a rocket is headed right towards the $700 Million Dollar Man. I mean right at him. Without even BLINKING this bat boy raw dogs the ball, catches it without even thinking, hands it to a fan and he's onto the next pitch. Like nothing even happen. Ohtani ducks out of the way and takes cover, this bat boy didn't even blink. I need him on the all hands team like ASAP.

Guy just saved the franchise star and the face of baseball and acts like it's a walk in the park, he's a true hero. The city of LA should honor him if we're being honest, he may have just saved the Dodgers World Series hopes. Ohtani's new translator was right there in awe as well, he couldn't believe what he saw. Kind of insane he didn't try and jump in front and take a bullet for him, we all know Ippei already kind of did that though. A web gem without the web, he barehanded this frozen rope without even thinking and then went back to doing his job. That is what heroes do. That thing was coming in so hot and you have 0 time to react. It's either put your hands up and hope to deflect it or you're taking that one through your chest. This is where your fight or flight instincts kick in and after seeing what this guy did in the heat of the moment, I'd take him in my dugout any day. Sign me up for 9 of these guys on a baseball diamond, I like my chances out there with him. Parade incoming for this guy, at least there should be. This play was easily the best play of the night around baseball.