JJ Redick Apparently Started Drawing Up Pindowns And ATO Sets Immediately After The Lakers Drafted Dalton Knecht

That's my head coach!!! It's been less than a week and between this report from Buha and the all-time press conference from JJ, I think I may be ready to love the great game again:

We really went from "Don't settle. Go hard on them dudes. Play the right way. Salute" to a real coach man:

Would I have liked Hurley instead? Without a doubt, but the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in as a once-proud franchise is that we are unfortunately just gonna take what we can get. ATO sets immediately after drafting is like a Rico Bosco wet dream. I'm not even sure Darvin Ham drew up a play in his terror as head coach. Remember when he just wrote "contest without fouling" instead?

Is there a chance this didn't even happen and Rob Pelinka is just doing his best Los Angeles voice and made some shit up to stir the pot for the media? Maybe, but it's absolutely working. As for Knecht, there's probably worse options at 17 but there were probably better too. I'll take a 23 year old who led the SEC in scoring and shot 40% from 3 any single day of the week. Just wait until LeBron says he knew Knecht was special the whole time (spoiler: he did):


Speaking of Edey, some mocks had us taking him 17 if he fell there (it wasn't even close), and I was ready to hang up the purple and gold for life if that was the case. We've got some life in LA.