'Not Once in My Career Was He a Respectable Man to Me': Texas A&M Outfielder Travis Chestnut Absolutely Ripped Former Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle

The Eagle — A&M utility fielder Travis Chestnut, who entered the starting lineup midway through the season and made an impact for the Aggies with his speed on the base paths, told The Eagle he was treated poorly by Schlossnagle in his tenure with the Aggies.

“I’m blown away by the disrespect of Schlossnagle,” he said. “Not once in my career was he a respectable man to me. I stuck with him because I wanted to be an Aggie and in the SEC. But quite frankly, I didn’t stick to him. I stuck to [assistant coaches] Mike Earley and Nolan Cain.”

Hoooooly shit, that's a hell of a thing to say on the record. They HATED this guy.

Several current Texas A&M players — or ones who were at least current as of Monday — have made lightly veiled comments on social media regarding the way Jim Schlossnagle departed College Station for his new job in Austin, but Travis Chestnut just came out and said exactly how he felt to a reporter and told him to print it. That's rare to see at all these days, but certainly in a circumstance like this. Credit to him for saying what he wanted to say and putting his name behind it, though.

I don't remember the last time I saw someone in sports be so universally reviled as Schlossnagle is right now. Literally every fanbase in the country except Texas thinks he's the biggest piece of shit on the planet. You have to imagine that all of this is significantly diminished, however, if he had simply chosen not to berate a reporter who asked him about a job that he then took 18 hours later.

I don't know what Chestnut's relationship in particular was like with Schlossnagle, but I think I can take a guess based off his comment and the fact that this is how Schlossnagle reacted when asked about Chestnut's bunt hit that landed him on second base in the deciding game of the College World Series finals:

Yeah, Travis, you can say literally whatever you want about that guy.

Normally, you'd assume most of the stud players from A&M who entered the transfer portal in the aftermath of their coach's departure would be following him to his next stop, but now I'm not so sure that's the case. Not only does it seem like everybody has already hated Schlossnagle behind the scenes, but now these players have seen the reaction leaving for Texas gets you — though I'm sure most rational fans would be able to see the difference in circumstances.

Regardless of what happens with the roster, A&M will have a new baseball coach soon and has won its divorce with Schlossnagle handily in the court of public opinion. Throw oil money at a solid ball coach and you'll be good to go.