The Knicks Continue An Absolutely Dominant Off-Season With Some Savvy Draft Moves On Wednesday Night

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

The Knicks top dogs, Team President Leon Rose and Executive Vice President World Wide Wes continued their brilliant off-season today. Not only did they go all in with their trade for Mikal Bridges on Tuesday night, they got an agreement in principle with their biggest free agent, OG Anunoby, they also pulled off some very sharp Draft night moves on Wednesday.

The biggest concern in Knicksland is that with Bojan Bogdanovic going to the Nets and Mikal Bridges incoming, it means the Knicks will be hard capped at the first salary cap apron. That is because they are taking on more salary that is going out. Had that not been the case, they could go over the first apron to the second apron which is a difference of about $11 million dollars. That money could prove to be pivotal in their attempt to keep sought after free agent and key playoff performer, Center Isaiah Hartenstein.

There are some minor edits that can be made and that trade cannot be officially made until the league's new year, so there is some time. But the Knicks are currently in the business of saving money and with the 24th and 25th picks in what is considered the worst draft in the last decade plus, they would seemingly be interested in shedding those picks for future assets to not only save money, but acquire future trade capital.

It started by dealing the 24th pick to pick up an extra 2nd rounder and only moving down essentially one spot since they owned the 25th pick.

With the 25th pick, they took F Pacome Dadiet, an 18 year old French player that looks awesome in this brief clip. A bouncy scorer with range that can defend! 

They also traded out of #26 to save some money and acquire future assets.

Do the Knicks stash Pacome Dadiet now?


Dadiet says he plans on playing next season for the Knicks and not being stashed, but it may not be up to him. We'll see how Leon Rose and World Wide Wes navigate the next few days, but this was another day signaling the Knicks are going all in! Hopefully they find enough money in the couch cushions to keep Isaiah Hartenstein too!