Brad Stevens Does It Again And Drafts The Perfect Mazzulla Ball Player In Baylor Scheierman

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

It finally happened! Holy shit!

Since Brad Stevens was handed the keys to the Boston Celtics, he's done almost everything. He's executed big time trades, he's found steals that have blossomed into stars, he's found undrafted diamonds who gave legit minutes in the NBA Finals, he's drafted 2nd round guys that show potential, he's won an NBA title etc.

The one thing he'd never done?

Actually make a 1st round pick. 

Pretty odd for a GM to have a job for as long as Brad has and never make a first round pick, but that's the reality of what happens when you build a championship roster. Sometimes it takes a little while, and the one you do take is #30. The beauty of this situation is we can all agree that no matter what Brad decided he wanted to do it was the right decision. Take someone? Sure! I don't care who, I trust you Bad! Trade down and get more assets? Hell yeah, go nuts. 

So who did Brad do? He brought us a perfect Mazzulla Ball player


I'm not going to try and convince you that I had any sort of preference or know anything about these prospects. I've been getting so goddamn high on title fumes I haven't had the time to do my very analytical scouting process which consists of watching 1 or 2 YouTube highlight videos. That usually tells me everything I need to know.

So when it came to the option of Brad keeping the pick and finally drafting a first round player, I trust him completely. If this guy is good enough for Brad he's good enough to me. I don't even need to see him play to know Brad made the right decision. The guy hasn't missed a day in his life, I'm supposed to believe he's not also an awesome drafter? Brad Stevens is a prodigy if you haven't noticed, I'm thinking he knows what he's doing.

I'll take 18.5/9.0/3.9 on 44/38% splits with 3.1 3PM a night for a 6'7 wing. I also love that he's a lefty. I'm owed a lefty draft pick that can actually play after the whole James Young debacle. You give me a wing with good size who can shoot, pass and be versatile at pick #30, that's good enough for me. I'm a little surprised they were willing to take on the tax bill that staying in the first round will present, but shoutout Wyc. He's not fucking around. He promised he'd pay if they won, then they won, so now it's time for him to pay and he's stepping up.

Are there other guys who would have been better in this spot? Fucked if I know. I follow Brad's lead and if he says this is the guy then this is the guy and I'm happy to have him. 

Welcome to the champs Baylor, now let's see what you can do in Summer League in a few weeks.