Grimace Chugging Beers At Citi Field Is Just Another Day In The Life Of The Mets

There's an old baseball saying that goes every time you go to the park, something happens that hasn't ever happened. The Mets live that to the extreme whether it comes to Bartolo Colon hitting a home run, Mr. Met flipping off fans, or any of the other million the good, the bad, or the Metsy things that have been blogged on this site. Now we have Grimace throwing back cold ones like Dana Beers amongst a horde of Mets fans in a rain delay.

If you had told me before the seasons that this would be the year where that Grimace throwing the first pitch inspired the Mets to rattle off a winning streak to get them into the mix for the wild card, I wouldn't even bat an eyelash. That's only like a 4/10 on the Mets Scale for ridiculous shit with the wonderful group of savages we have in our ranks.

We already had Seymour Weiner as the Veteran of the Day for Opening Day and a goddamn Rally Pimp. So 2024 being known to Mets fans as The Grimace Season makes absolutely perfect sense. You know a movement is gathering momentum when that big front running bitch Empy is rocking its colors.

I can't wait to see what type of absurd shit happens in Metsland next considering American hero John McClane apparently got arrested during tonight's game.