Hawks Fans Were NOT Pleased With the Team's No. 1 Overall Selection of Zaccharie Risacher

A surprising number of Hawks fans turned out to State Farm Arena to watch the NBA Draft, but most of them seemed quite upset after the team used the No. 1 overall pick on Zaccharie Risacher. A few people stood up and cheered because they were going to do that no matter who was picked, but most of the crowd just sat there.

I guess the good news is there are plenty of examples of fans being upset at the selections of foreign players and then those guys going on to be great in the NBA. And I would set the line of people in that building who have ever watched Risacher play a second of basketball at 99.5. Nobody has any clue what this guy is going to look like. Given the Hawks' history of getting virtually every draft pick wrong, I'd guess he'll probably suck if I had to guess, but only time will tell.

And at the end of the day, even if Risacher sucks, it's the Atlanta Hawks so who really gives a shit?