LEON ROSE IS A BEAUTIFUL GENIUS - OG Anunoby Is Coming Back To The Knicks On A 5-Year Deal Because He 'Sees The Vision, Wants To Be A Contender'

HOLY SHIT THAT BEAUTIFUL BASTARD DID IT. Okay, sorry for calling someone a bastard like I'm Marty Mush, but I could kiss Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes directly on the lips right now. Do you know how long us Knicks fans have been waiting for something like this? A front office who is willing to pay money to real players in their prime and not bums who are old? That's worth celebrating alone. Speaking of celebrating, read this quote and then meet me in the hospital after being rock hard for 4+ hours.

Yep, 4+ hours with ease. This is what happens when a 24-hour span gives you Mikal Bridges and OG to go with Brunson, Donte, Deuce, Mitch, Josh Hart, Julius Randle and maybe iHart? Can it please be iHart? All I know is people tried to send bad juju vibes last night and say it's hard to picture OG coming back after making the move for Mikal. Good luck scoring against those wings. 

You know the Knicks aren't done yet. No shot we roll into the season with 3 rookies out of this Draft. Something else is going to happen and it's going to be good. That's the world we live in now as Knicks fans.