This is inexcusable. I do not even know the context but this cannot happen. We cannot lose AMERICAN football games to Japan. It just cannot happen. This is egregious and if I can I will enlist in the US National Football Team. I am furious and want to deploy Josh Allen to the Manhattan Project all over Japan. 

How the hell does this happen? I cannot believe Japan beat the United States. As an International football player, my services were last used as a mercenary for Uganda. I need to strap up for the United States national team. It is imperative we reestablish ourselves as the best nation in the world at the sport we play. 

This is absolutely unacceptable and I want to dedicate 2% of our national defense bill towards this football program. The reality is that's like 100 billion dollars maybe and we need to use it to pay the best NFL players to play in these games and absolutely dominate all the competition. 

I am trying to access the game tape. It is U20 football apparently which is ridiculous if our high school dudes couldn't beat these guys. A decent high school football team should be able to beat any international football team. I can't believe this day has come. What would our forefathers think? The men who answered the call after Pearl Harbor are rolling over in their graves. This cannot be real. I am in a nightmare. This is absolutely Joe Biden's fault. 

I hope this wakes Americans up to how badly we are projecting strength overseas. Absolute malarkey. When I get past enough paywalls to check the tape I will absolutely break down how terrible this was. There are football players out there way better than me who should be seeing this and enraged and enlisting for the USA AMERICAN FOOTBALL TEAM. 

6/26/24 is a day that will live in Football Infamy. Worst L we have taken from Japan in 84 years.