A Former Texas A&M Player Accuses Jim Schlossnagle of Recruiting Players to Texas While Still Coaching for the Aggies

There was certainly no love lost between Texas and Texas A&M prior to Tuesday, but Jim Schlossnagle leaving College Station for Austin immediately following a heartbreaking loss in the College World Series finals — and ensuing indignant press conference answer to a question about his interest in the Texas job — has folks in Aggieland fuming.

I don't know if we'll ever have confirmation of this accusation from former Aggies player JB Moss of Schlossnagle using burner phones to recruit for Texas while still under contract at A&M, but it would be quite a wild twist if true. At the very least, not one person with a functioning brain believes Schlossnagle first heard from Texas in the 18 hours between A&M's final game of the season and him being hired by the Horns. But if he actually was recruiting for his employer's arch rival while still employed, I'd have to imagine that's a breach of contract if A&M were to pursue it.

This series was already going to be one of the best every year with Texas joining the SEC, but next year's games will be must-watch. The SEC better not give Schlossnagle the easy way out and put that series in Austin. We deserve the return to College Station.